Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2018

The ECRI Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care quality and safety.
Report details
To create the report, ECRI asked analysts, engineers, and scientists to rank their top health technology hazards based on research and clinician experience, as well as reports generated from ECRI’s Problem Reporting Network.

Top 10 technology hazards
ECRI’s top 10 technology hazards for 2018 are:
1. Cybersecurity threats, including ransomware, which pose risks to patients;
  2. Endoscope reprocessing failures, which expose patients to possible infections;
3. Mattresses and bed covers, which might be infected by microbiological substances or patients’ bodily fluids;
4. Missed alarms resulting from poorly configured secondary notification mechanisms and systems;
  5. Improperly cleaned medical equipment, which can lead to device malfunction;
6. Unholstered electrosurgical active electrodes, which can result in burn injuries for patients;
7. Inappropriate use of digital imaging tools, which could unnecessarily expose patients to radiation;
8. Workarounds that could undermine the safety advantages of bar-coded medication administration systems;
9. Flaws in medical device networking that postpone or undermine care delivery; and
10. Slow adoption of safer enteral feeding connectors, which leaves patients at risk.