Does SMS repair flexible endoscopes?

Specialty Medical Systems is an authorized distributor and service center for Fujinon endoscopy equipment. SMS flexible endoscope repair  department has extensive experience and capability to repair Olympus, Fujinon  and Pentax flexible endoscopes used in both endoscopy and surgery. SMS  technicians have been successfully repairing flexible endoscope since 1994.

Our goal is to provide quality repairs with a quick turnaround at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Repair Process

SMS receives a scope for repair and enters it into its database. A repair number is generated by the system and a repair report is created which follows the scope through the entire repair cycle. The scope is then evaluated and inspected in our 31 point check-in procedure. An estimate is calculated and communicated to the customer. Once approval is received from the customer, the repair is completed and the scope is subjected to a final inspection. The scope is then delivered or shipped to the customer according to their instructions. All customers can check on the status of the repair at any time by accessing their account online.

Repair Capability

SMS repair technicians are the heart of the flexible endoscope repair department. Once the scope is checked in, they begin the repair – comparing the customer’s complaint with the SMS 31 point check-in report. From simple clogged nozzles and leaky bending rubbers to replacement of all channels, light bundles and insertion tubes, SMS technicians have experience doing all types of repairs. SMS technicians have completed approximately 150,000 flexible scope repairs on Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax scopes. On the rare occasions when we are unable to complete the repair, the scope is returned to the customer or sent on to the manufacturer with no charge to the customer.